Surface Rust 2x

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Current MapProcedural Map
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Type 2x Gather Semivanilla
Last Update28 Dec 2020
Join Date28 Dec 2020


About the Server: This Is is community driven server. So if you see something you like or don't like let us know in the suggestion channel. Any suggestions posted in the suggestion channel will be voted on by the community and implemented on the next wipe. SERVER NAME: Surface Rust SLOTS: 100 LOCATION: South East Coast US ADMINS: DrgnChris & Echoforever TV Wipe Schedule: Map is wiped every 2 weeks. BPs are wiped every month with the monthly FP Update. * Wipes may happen early if the player base votes for it to help with population as we grow. Wipe times are available in game in the top left of the UI MODS: - 2X Resource Gathering. Sulfur is 1X - Increased Stack Sizes - Dangerous Treasure Ai-Events - Better Chat - Magic Panel - Simple Kill Feed - Furnace Splitter RULES: 1. NO Extreme vulgarity, racisms, sexism, bigotry, in chat or on signs will be tolerated. Warnings may be given but continued violations in this rule will result in a global mute. 2. Have Fun! 3. Respect the admins & their decisions.

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