Rusty Knuts


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Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
Type 2x No Decay No Radiation
United States
Last Update18 Aug 2020
Join Date15 Aug 2020


Rusty Knuts Experience 2X

Monthly Wipe

Custom maps in rotation. Monthly (wipe is every forcewipe unless there is a unanimous consensus on doing so early.)

2x Gather on Everything, No Decay, gifts and kits, backpacks, Warp portals at ever bus stop, chest stacking, Enhanced Hammer, no deployable penalty, quick smelt, furnace splitter, remover tool, skyfall, bigger stack sizes and some tweaks for better play.
Active but non-abusive admin.
Friendly regulars (new players and teams welcome.)
Custom neutral market (kept neutral with zone manager).
Custom bots at each monument that vary in difficulty based on monument tier.
Every night has a full moon so it is never pitch black.

Info Screen upon joining server so you're not surprised or confused.

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