RustaLate Quad


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Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
Type Anti Cheat Semivanilla Vanilla Custom Plugins Custom
Last Update16 Jun 2020
Join Date16 Jun 2020


Welcome to RustaLate!


This server is for almost every Vanilla Player that wants to play with some extras without really "cheating".

It basically IS Vanilla with only some changed: Stacking

The Stacks for Wood, Metal (not ores), and Stones are slightly increased so you don't have to use SO many chests.


On this Server, there are teams of a maximum of four players allowed.


There is a Discord server to chat with other players and get help if needed!

This Server Wipes Map Monthly. / BP every 6 Months

Next Wipe: 17.07.2020 - Next BP Wipe: 16.12.2020


There will be bots connecting the discord chat to the in-game chat soon so you can stay tuned even if you're not at home / your PC.


Name: RustaLate

Connection Info:



Get it going, guys! Fresh server, fresh community, fresh wiped! :)

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