Rusty Waters

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Rank1108 Random Server
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Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
Type Tp Gun Drops Trade Semivanilla
United States
Last Update14 Apr 2020
Join Date04 Mar 2020


This server is a 1x server with a multitude of plugins to make for a more entertaining experience within the rust game experience.
plugins are as follows for any interested:
"RustKits- UI used for setting up player and NPC kits.",
"MagicLoot- loot adjustment system to add extra items to lootables and adjust their quantity.",
"BetterNoStability- removes stability as a factor when building. Build to your heart's content!",
"FancyDrop- makes airdrops and their planes fall/fly faster and also spawns hostile NPCs alongside airdrops(natural only).",
"BalloonPlus- makes balloons fly faster viz sprinting in a respective direction whilst in flight.",
"ActiveSort- evenly splits materials within furnaces and oil refineries.",
"FurnaceSplitter- actively sets the amount of stacks materials split into in furnaces and oil refineries.",
"GatherManager- used to adjust the gather rate of materials on the server.",
"QuarryNearNoBuild- prevents building near quarries so as to avoid bases taking over different quarries.",
"QuickSmelt- increases the smelting speed inside furnaces and oil refineries.",
"RustAlerts- alerts system that you can set up to alert you of a raid on your base externally.",
"StackSizeController- controls how large stacks of every item are ingame.",
"ZLevelsRemastered- leveling system to promote longer gametime through the increase of harvesting via farming and hunting.",
"MapMyDeath- map marker on your most recent death.",
"NPCDropGun- allows NPCs to drop their guns at a rate set by the owner so as to allow players an opportunity at early and late game weapons.",
"Backpacks- backpacks to help mitigate storage space and allow for less trips whilst raiding."

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