Dawn Of Rust 3X ZOMB

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Type 3x Active Admin Anti Cheat Anti Hack Better loot Clans Community Custom Plugins Economy Fast Build
Last Update26 Feb 2020
Join Date26 Feb 2020


Dawn Of Rust ☢ 3X ZOMBIE : Wipe On the 1st 6pm Pacific
Server Name: Dawn Of Rust /3X/ZOMBIE/AI/Noob Friendly

Discord: https://discord.gg/Vwm6Q3f
Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/ZombieRust
Server Info: https://just-wiped.net/rust_servers/340924

SERVER WIPE TIME : Starting every month 1st : BP/Server wipe at 6pm Pacific and every 2 Weeks [middle of month] is server wipe 6pm Pacific

Server Rules:

1. No griefing - We understand the game is all about killing and raiding and we expect people to get Heavily raided As any PVP server would But what we do not Accept Is people Camping out after they are finished their business just to greif the Victim for hours or taking over a base that you don't tend on using.

2. No Racism , you can be Jokingly saying things but we Expect you to have some Level of Maturity this is 2020.

3. Max clan size [ 6 ]with one Clan Alliance

4. More Info To Be Posted

1. BetterLoot - https://umod.org/plugins/better-loot [Box/Creates Upgrade]

2. BotSpawn - http://steenaudio.com/currentplugins/ [Naked Murders at Monuments]

3. CraftingController - https://umod.org/plugins/crafting-controller [Instant Crafting]

4. FurnaceSplitter - https://umod.org/plugins/furnace-splitter [auto Stalk Split]

5 . GatherManager - https://umod.org/plugins/gather-manager [3X]

6. QuickSmelt - https://umod.org/plugins/quick-smelt [Fast Furnace smelting]

7. RandomSpawns - https://www.chaoscode.io/resources/random-spawnpoints.3/ [1250 Random Generated Zombie/ Player Spawn]

8. RemoverTool - https://umod.org/plugins/remover-tool [Enter /remove : to remove Item Placed ]

9. StackSizeController - https://umod.org/plugins/stack-size-controllerTimeOfDay- https://umod.org/plugins/time-of-day [20k stalk size]

10. *ZombieHorde - https://www.chaoscode.io/resources/zombiehorde.120/ [zombies]

11. Better Loot- https://umod.org/plugins/better-loot - [Slightly upgraded]

12. Info Panel- https://umod.org/plugins/info-panel - [Information For In-game Only, shows sleepers online players and events]

13. Recycler Speed- https://umod.org/plugins/recycler-speed- [ made faster]

14. Unburnable Meat- https://umod.org/plugins/unburnable-meat [Meat don't burn]

Plug in Command in-game * Enter /remove [this will allow you to click on a object you placed and remove it at zero-cost.

You are Able to see Clan/team - members from Tribe plugin on map: http://playrust.io/map/?

Zombie / AI / Server 3X /2week wipe 6k Map size : Stalk size Recourses is 20k No meet burn ,With zombies Spawning 1250 locations random & AI spawning on Monuments and in the Wild! The Naked AI only Hostile towards ranged weapons and cannot be killed wile not Hostile - Zombies Will Attack you on site , They can also Grow in horde from wandering into another group of Z's or if you are killed by one. Lot's people already on! Server is Running Very Smooth. Air Drop Drops Ai and They Explode after some time *artillery strike. An economy plugin for rewards and Clan Maker has been set, A shop will be placed for spending points - Event's{rewards} will be earned. Enjoy! Keep Posted More info Will be updated.

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Rust servers IP: client.connect - Dawn Of Rust 3X ZOMBIE AI Noob Friendly server  | TopG

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