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Website Website
Discord Discord
Version Pre Renewal Renewal
Type 2nd Job 3rd Job Active GMs Balanced Battlegrounds Events Friendly GMs International Mid Rate Newbie Friendly
Last Update27 Nov 2019
Join Date18 Feb 2018


About NyanRO
NyanRO is a pre-renewal midrate server with balanced 3rd classes and more content introduced with renewal. We use the ragRE Client without the ragRE skill and stat system. We‘re working hard to port every renewal update to our pre-renewal system - and balance them.

We hope you‘ll enjoy the balanced gameplay since we‘ve been working with this system for more than 5 years now.

5+ Years Old, Without Wipe
New servers are surely at advantage, but being old doesn‘t mean its a bad server. For us, being old yet still alive despite what happened through out the years, means it is a strong server.

Mount System
The mount system in nyanRO allows every class to have a mount, even though normally only a few classes get mounts (ie: Lord Knight, Rangers). While mounted, you will move much faster but cannot use skills or attack. Every class has a different mount. To get this you can talk with "Camel" in Brasilis. To mount, double-click on the item, and to dismount, double-click on the item again.

Instance Dungeons
We have Endless Tower, Orcs Memory & Sealed Shrine, Renewal Map such as Towns and Dungeons. NyanRO is not going on full renewal we are just adding new contents and balance them.

Auto Backup
Although chances of rollback is like 0. Just in-case something happens. We backup your stuffs twice a day so if something happens you won‘t lose much. We never really had to use these backups. Meaning we never had to rollback.


Visit us for more infos: NyanRO Website | Register Now | NyanRO server informations