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Version Pre Renewal PK Transcendent
Type Custom Items Competitive WoE High Rate International Unique Balanced
Location Japan
Last Update18 Apr 2023
Join Date08 Apr 2023



Astral MMORPG is a high-rate Ragnarok private server that aims to cater a one of a kind experience to its players. With our bread and butter -- the Astral Skills, you can mix and match skills then combine it on your main job's skill set in order to the find different combinations to dominate the game!

We are also PvP/GvG-centric, so expect an exhilarating experience whenever you go out in the battlefield! Get yourselves ready for an action-filled Ragnarok experience!


πŸ’‘ Info πŸ’‘

βœ… Max Level: 255/120

βœ… Max Stats: 255

βœ… Mode: Pre-Renewal

βœ… Max ASPD: 197

βœ… Episode: 13.2

βœ… Guild Cap: 25


πŸ’‘ Rates πŸ’‘

βœ… Exp Rate: 10,000x

βœ… Normal Drops: 100%

βœ… Equips: 50%

βœ… Normal Cards: 20%

βœ… Boss Cards: 10%

βœ… Rare MVP: 1% (Card Fragment System)


πŸ’‘ Features πŸ’‘

βœ… Astral Skills

βœ… Gepard Protection Enabled

βœ… Unique Anti-Bot System

βœ… No Client Limit

βœ… PvP & GvG Oriented


πŸ’‘ Quick LinksπŸ’‘

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