Mythic EcoCraft

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Version Latest 1.18.2 1.18.x
Type Economy Land Claim Survival Faction Survival Faction Wars Community Semi Vanilla Whitelist
Location United States
Last Update26 Apr 2022
Join Date16 Jan 2022


Welcome to Mythic EcoCraft! Our server aims to enhance and expand upon Vanilla Minecraft gameplay to create a more dynamic gaming experience and encourage player interaction! Be a part of a budding community and claim your place on our map, that we plan to NEVER reset, so you'll never have to grind to reclaim your place among Server Royalty!

The IP Address is:::                       :::::::::::::::


We've made a point to preserve all Vanilla gameplay mechanics while adding plugins to enhance gameplay and interactivity, as well as longevity/playability. Among the enhanced features are:

Land Claim: While griefing and toxic behavior isn't allowed on our server, we've added land-claiming so you can have a higher level of protection for your bases! Stake your claim, expand your land, create a Nation, add members to your faction, declare war on other Lands... Let the rivalry begin!

Economy: The server has an "upgraded" economy, including its own currency which can be used at server shops and with other players. You will earn currency for basic tasks like breaking blocks and killing mobs, and you'll also be able to sell items to the server or to other players!

You will need server currency to purchase permissions (like land claiming, job posting, auction site access, etc...), buy space for your land claims, purchase items from server shops and other players, and play server games built around the map!

However, you will still have the option to play with the classic item economy by trading for your item of choice with players at the Trade Hall. If you purchase/win a "Villager Market" egg, you can create your own shop at your base and choose to sell items for other items or for server currency!

Teleport Commands: After purchasing the necessary permissions at the Spawn Mall, you'll be able to use Home and TPA commands, allowing you to easily travel to your bases and to other players! (edited)

Factions: After creating a land, you can add members to your land through the plugin interface! Grow your ranks, your wealth, and your land, and become the wealthiest Nation on the server!

Custom Items: Save up enough to purchase rare, custom items that can be used to add something new to existing equipment. Each item is carefully designed to be balanced with Vanilla items so as to not give players with bigger bank accounts an unfair advantage. For the most part, it's just a cool toy you can show off to your friends

Selling/Trading: On our server you have numerous options to sell your items. Rent a villager market at spawn, buy/win a villager market egg and spawn them anywhere on the map, Buy membership to "eTrade" (Global Market Chest) and post/purchase items through a global auction site, or trade the old fashioned way at the trade hall!

Jobs: Job boards allow you to search for and take jobs created by other players. After purchasing an Employer's License, you'll be able to post your own jobs to the job board! No one selling 1,000 dirt? Post a job on the job board requesting 1,000 dirt for X dollars and see if anyone takes on the task!

Quests: We will be adding multiple "quests" to the server that give you tasks to perform for some extra money or a special item! If you want to take a break from mining and crafting, give questing a shot!

Games: There are numerous games on the server that you can play to win money or items! Check out the challenges at the Spawn Mall, visit The Lucky Star Casino, and explore the more elaborate challenges located outside of Spawn! Wanna get rich quick? Try your luck on the lottery!

Ranks: There are over 30 Ranks to achieve on Mythic EcoCraft! Players can receive promotions for earning Gameplay Levels, by earning playtime, winning games, and by finding special items that provide promotions! As players rank up they will gain certain perks. By ranking up, players will increase their Land Claim limits, the number of sethomes they can have, the amount they earn from tasks, and more! The first few ranks will come quickly, but it will soon become very challenging to reach a higher rank!