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Status Online
Last Ping4 seconds ago
Version 1.17.1
Type SMP Semi Vanilla PVP PVE Casual Bedrock Java Player Warps Player Shops Player Ranks
United Kingdom
Last Update30 Nov 2021
Join Date17 Oct 2021


This is a semi vanilla survival inspired by LegitPlay, which shut down 7 years ago, and is probably the most accurate recreation of it to date. We offer land based protection through ProtectionStones and have employed many preventative measures against griefing, cheating, and toxic behavior. We also have chest shops employing vanilla mechanics, where you can trade using ores such as diamonds, gold, iron, or any other material. Our endgame will be focused around PvP in server arenas, where people may put their skills to the test with the items they have grinded for. Players can have any other endgame goals if PvP isn't their thing. We also offer Bedrock and Java Edition cross-play, backwards compatibility with Minecraft versions and support for the latest version of Minecraft, player teleportation and warps.

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