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Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.15.2
Type Skyblock Creative Prison Survival Minigames Bed Wars Pixelmon Among Us
Location United States
Last Update16 Apr 2021
Join Date22 Feb 2020


Server IP:


Chasecraft has 7 realms, Event, Skyblock, Prison, Creative, Survival, Minigames and Pixelmon. 

The Event realm:

The Event realm is where UnspeakableGaming Records all his videos and you might be able to be in one of them! 

The Skyblock realm:

The Skyblock realm is where you can build your own Kingdom in the air. It also has a PvP area where you can run, climb and fight other players. 

The Prison realm:

The Prison realm is where you go to different mines and try to collect as much materials as possible, and then sell them for money.  The more money you get the sooner you can “rank up” and go to a better mine, so you can find and mine more precious materials. 

The Creative realm:

The Creative realm is where you can claim plots and gain trust to other plots.  On those plots you can build whatever you want and have it in perfect condition when you come back. 

The Survival realm:

The Survival realm is where you can help, be helped, join lands, become rich and much more.  The Survival realm has many pleasant surprises and joys. 

The Minigames realm:

On the Minigames realm you can play among us and you can also play Bedwars.  For the Among Us you can either play with 6 crewmates and one imposter or 8 crewmates and 2 imposters.  For the Bedwars you can either play by yourself or with another. 

The Pixelmon realm:

The Pixelmon realm is where you go and catch Minecraft Pokémon, level them up and more. 

Chasecraft has some of the most kind players and fun games.  Join us to play with UnspeakableGaming.


Welcome to Chasecraft, Home of the popular Youtuber UnspeakableGaming!
There are tons of fun gamemodes to play on such as Prison, Skyblock, Creative, Survival, Pixelmon, Weekly Events, and Minigames!
Let your imagination go wild on the creative server!
Mine your way to rank Z on the prison server!
Catch all the Pokémon on the Pixelmon server!
Reach the top of the leaderboard on the skyblock server!
Survive in the wilderness on the survival server!
Fight your way to the top of the leaderboard on the bedwars server!
Become a detective and figure out who the imposter is on the Among Us server!
Participate in weekly events for prizes on the event server!
So what are you waiting for? Come join at and you might even get to play with Unspeakable!