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Website minecraftlovers.com
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Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled
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Type MCMMO Essentials Dynmap CoreProtect DiscordSRV Whitelist EnderSurfer Paper
Location United States
Last Update06 Feb 2022
Join Date01 Oct 2018


Our Server in A Nutshell

MineCraftLovers was founded in 2013 and is one of the few “semi-vanilla” survival servers that is here to stay! Build on your own or join one of our community projects, build contests or monthly events to always keep the game fresh!

Huge rail networks, massive months-long build projects, dirt huts, mob farms, massive sorting systems – if you can dream it, we want to see you build it!

What Is Semi-Vanilla?

Semi-Vanilla means that we try to keep the gameplay as close to a normal “vanilla” game experience as possible, but we do have a few plugins to add a little extra punch and keep things interesting. Don’t worry – if you are not used to playing with plugins, you probably won’t notice the difference! Our key plugins include:

·         Dynmap - a live “Google Earth”- like map of our server world, where you can see builds and players in real-time. See our server map here:

·         McMMO – an “rpg-style” plugin that lets players level up their skills. Spend a lot of time farming? You will level up your farming skills and occasionally auto-replant crops. Spend a lot of time mining? Eventually you will start to get double drops from ores. Playing with friends? Your skills level up together! Learn more about McMMO here: https://mcmmo.org

·         Essentials – gives players the ability to set “homes” they can return to at any time, and teleport instantly to other players to share in on their projects or adventures.

·         Geyser – This is an experimental plugin our server leverages that allows both Java and Bedrock players join and play together. This means you can join regardless of which version of Minecraft you play with!

We have a few extra server management plugins as well to help our admin and moderation staff keep things neat and tidy.

Server Rules

1.       No cheats, hacks, or bug exploits

2.       Be friendly and courteous to other players

3.       No stealing or griefing

…And that’s it!

What You WON’T Find On MineCraftLovers

We try to keep the gameplay as close to vanilla as possible. This means some things you WON’T find include:

1.       World limits. Explore to your heart’s content!

2.       Plot claiming plugins. If there’s an open space, it’s yours! We do use torches and things to mark spaces right around the Spawn Town, but these are more of a suggestion than a hard limit.

3.       Economy plugins. We have a “currency” that drops randomly when digging dirt, sand, and some other materials, but its usage is optional. If you open up a shop, you can sell whatever you want and accept whatever you want as payment.

4.       Excessive Anti-griefing measures. Our server uses coreprotect as our main anti-griefing tool, which we use for rollbacks. If someone is caught breaking our rules, we are more than happy to ban them from the server and simply roll back any damaged cause, rather than give anyone playing a headache trying to work around a bunch of building restrictions.


Apply Today!

Our server is whitelisted – please apply at https://www.minecraftlovers.com (where you can also find info on our latest events, challenges, and screenshots of recent builds), or on our discord channel here: https://discord.gg/5hwuE54w

After you apply to our server's whitelist and receive an email telling you that you are accepted, please join our discord server, tag staff with your ingame username, and ask for the 'member' role. Our discord server hides all channels and members from users without a role, to prevent spambots from DMing our players. Joining Discord is optional.


Our Hardware

If you are interested in the technical details, we use a dedicated host (not shared) so we can optimize the entire experience for our playerbase. Our system runs on:

•         CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 @3.8GHz

•         RAM: 64GB DDR4 @3200MHz

•         Storage: 1TB NVMe SSD