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Last Ping6 days 10 hours ago
Version 1.12.x 1.13.x 1.14.x 1.15 1.15.x
Type Pixelmon Pokemon Skyblock Prison Factions Survival Towny Creative Free Worldedit PvP
United States
Last Update16 Apr 2021
Join Date04 Nov 2017

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The server is fun, the players are lovely and the stuff are very helpfull, not like other servers


hello guys welcome back to complex server 

this server have survival,skyblock and pixelmon aswell AND theres TWO not one BUT TWO version of pixelmon server 

the  pixelmon server have different kind of features like bosses every hour, vote party and 2 free shiny pokemon for your starter and if you link your discord

there is jobs and cool commands 

and theres alot of shops . shops from player or the server it self 

in the survival its like a normal survival server but theres an anti cheat so anyone have lesser dupe chance 

the server have alot of players and the staff always help you when your confused

come and join the fun


Honestly I have no gripes about the server. There's plenty to do, fair rules, and an active discord that keeps the flow moving. It is also not pay to win, which I have seen some servers fall into, and encourages play time. I mainly joined this server because of Pixelmon but I can see how it would appropriately fit other multiplayer experiences. The discord facilitates that and there's multiple VC's to hop into with friends. And it can also be enjoyed solo, so anyone is welcome.  There are plenty of rewards that can be gained through outside involvement, such as linking your discord, or voting for the server. I had a little bit of technical trouble with the rewards, but after submitting a help ticket on the discord, I promptly had someone help me out and resolve the issue. I would definitely recommend this server to anyone who doesn't know where to start, and anyone who knows what they're doing. I plan to play on this server for a long time.


The server is pretty good for new players with a helpful staff and supportive player community. Whether it's the pixelmon servers, the vanilla servers or even the hub, it's a decent time spent.


There are good rewards on offer with the modpack, and the pay to win aspect although there it's not too bad as compared to other servers. Even if you're a free player it takes just a little bit of time geting used to the stuff but overall it's pretty fun to play on the server, whether you are a paying player or free player.


There aren't many restrictions when playing and the whole world is there for you to explore, the vote system and kit system is balanced for new players and experienced players alike and the progression system is rewarding and actually feels like an accomplishment you can be proud of. The gyms are well balanced and the players on the server, in my experience, have been great company to chat with.


Overall I would rate the server an easy 7.5/10


Hello people, how is your day and the reason im writing this is that if you join this server pixelmon complex using there modpack you will get an instant masterball and have a starter kit, the server provides you to vote every single day to get yourself some amazing stuff and loot you dont have access in othere servers, this server also helped me get back into pixelmon so yes JOIN NOW. THe other things that you get from this server is that lots of famous youtubers have played this such as Sirud, Richj and vintagebeef so join now with the modpack for a free masterball.



Complex Gaming is a cool server that can give you a lot of fun. Come catch some pokemons with the community!


This server has a lot to offer from Creative to Skyblock, but what other servers like Mineplex and Hypixel don't have that Complex does is Pixlemon There are Pixelmon worlds based on the original games in the series. Everyone can find something to do on this variety of servers. This server gives players the feeling of replaying classic games like Pokémon with all of the customizations of Minecraft while aslo enjoying basic Minecraft minigames. The IP of the complex gaming hub is:

What is the server IP for Complex gaming?

The IP address of Complex gaming Minecraft server is

How to join Complex gaming server?

Open the game Minecraft, click "Play" button then choose "Multiplayer" option from the menu. Click "Add Server" tab and input the text on "Server Address" then hit "Done". Once the connection is available and turns green you may click on "Join Server" button to play on Complex gaming.

What version does Complex gaming use?

Complex gaming server supports Minecraft game version: 1.12.x, 1.13.x, 1.14.x, 1.15, 1.15.x, you may also use any other older or lower versions to connect and play.

Where is Complex gaming located?

The Complex gaming server is currently hosted in United States.