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Site Web Site Web
Discord Discord
IP du serveur
Statut Unknown
Dernière PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.18.1
Type Survival Land Claim Skills Trading Paper PvP Discord Shops Farmworlds Claiming
Dernière mise à jour29 Jan 2022
Date d'inscription27 Jan 2022


Welcome on PolaVoid.net, a Survival RPG Minecraft Server hosted by subm4.sk!
We offer you an adventurous game experience with an unique Survival RPG style.

Our main features consist of Skills, which you can level up and learn Abilities that grant skill-specific bonuses.
Also you can complete Quests to earn Experience and Emeralds, that you can use in our Shops, which are located
in the Spawnworld, where you also can Trade with other Players. From here you can also Travel in all important Worlds.
In the Farmworld you can collect all items you need and in our Claimworld you can build and protect your own land.
That is just a small insight into PolaVoid.net, but you would better take a look for yourself and convince yourselves of us.
To play on our server you do not have to do anything else than join the multiplayer via the address PolaVoid.net.
We are happy to listen to your ideas or criticism to make PolaVoid.net even better for you. You can reach us anytime on our
Discord at dc.subm4sk.net where all news are posted or on our TeamSpeak at subm4.sk.

For these who want to know here is some information about the hardware we are using.
Our main dedicated root server is running Debian 11 with an i7-7700 and 64 GBytes of RAM.
All of our gameserver are doing daily backups and automatic restarts at 4:30 am CET.
Also all of our servers are DDoS protected and have the latest security patches.