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Enter Hyperion, a network heavily inspired by Greek mythology. The server features two traditional gamemodes, skyblock and factions, with unique takes based on our theme. Each gamemode is enhanced with custom plugins making drastic changes to how the game is played. This allows for an amazing, encaptivating experience far better than traditional servers.

On the factions server, the realm is ruled by the evil Haydes, lord of the underworld. Throughout different dungeons, players can face off against custom mobs and bosses, progressing towards Haydes’ lair. Each dungeon contains a custom knight bosses, each one varying in difficulty and abilities.

The skyblock server, on the other hand, contains one large dungeon amidst all the sky islands. On its multiple floors, each varying in difficulty, you’ll find custom mobs to fight to provide you with loot necessary to progress.

All of that synthesized gives you Hyperion, the perfect Minecraft server experience. To top it off, everyone has a chance to win vote keys and ranks by entering our giveaways and commenting on our posts.

We look forward to seeing you on the server!
Discord: https://discord.gg/ZT4DCtX
Server IP: play.McHyperion.com
Website: www.McHyperion.com

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