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Type Exploring Dungeons PVPRAIDING Towny Pets Vehicles Slimefun MCMMO Jobs Elitemobs
United States
Dernière mise à jour18 Feb 2021
Date d'inscription07 Aug 2020



This is NovacraftMC; this is a place with plenty to loot from mysterious dungeons  to the wealth of other cities. Focusing on player based economies, progressive challenges, and a plethora of gameplay styles we aim to give everyone something they would enjoy! To get around we offer vehicles and aircraft to get around end explore the vast expanses about.  Why not check us out and see everything else we have to offer!

Follow the golden rule!
You may use explosives, tanks, and aircrafts to break into bases... unless it is obsidian please do not destroy people's buildings by hand or truely grief their buildings.

Core features/plugins:
- Towny
- Mcmmo
- Playershops
- Custom enchants
- Vehicles
- Elitemobs
- Sliefun
- Craftbook
- Dungeons
- Jobs
- Pets
- PvP manager
- Bounties

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Joueurs en ligne – Les dernières 24 heures

Change Logs
07 Aug 2020

Still in BETA adding finishing touches to shops and generator. Looking to implment playshops and buyregions soon

15 Aug 2020

Added new highways

Added more playershops

FIxed a few bugs

07 Sep 2020

Small quality of life changes made.

Preparing for new changes to END generator

Removed Powers and infernal mobs

Added 200+ enchants and added elitemobs

02 Nov 2020

- Added Mod rank

- Added more dungeons

- Performance improvements

- Reworking the city of Danver and preparing highway to lead to colloseum dungeon

- Might add more elitemobs

- added dynamic difficulty based on exploration

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