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Stargate Galaxy Gaming Network

Stargate Galaxy Network has four servers to choose from:

Main server: Enigmatica 2: Light

-5 "/home"s (double for VIPs)

-60 Claim chunks and 40 Chunkloading (double for VIPs)

-No Banned Items

-30 second cooldowns on Teleporting (0 for VIPs)

-2 Free kits and Patreon Kits

-Voting Rewards

Questing server: FTB's Sky Odyssey

-Join the Discord for more info!

-The questing server changes modpacks monthly (or longer if neccessary)

-Competition on who finishes the quest book (or the most quests) first. Winners recieve rewards on main, pvp, and/or experimental server and helps choose next pack!

Experimental server: Stargate Galaxy Modpack

-Join the Discord for more info!

-Currency, shops, stargates and Technology!

-Over 100+ planets!! A Stargate network consisting of over +30 Stargates!


-Custom PVP Modpack

-Mr.Crayfish Gun mod

-Stronger NPC Enemies for challenging PVE

-Starting Inventory and Spawn Protection

Overall our network has some great benefits:

*Active Community and Staff!
*If you have any questions usually 2 or more staff are on the discord!
*This Network offers a small, friendly gaming community!
*Trades and shops!
*Mods added on a server voting basis to the experimental server!


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Minecraft serveurs IP: - SG Gaming Network Main Server serveur  | TopG

Assistant Manager
An Assistant Manager will be expected to help out when ever they can. They are very helpful people and not rude or disrespectful. It is preferred that they are over 16 years old but exceptions can be made. They do not necessarily need to have knowledge on how to run a server or troubleshoot problems. Being able to play modded Minecraft with intermediate skill (particularly the modpacks on our Servers) is a major plus but not required.

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