SpeedMu S16 11JUNE

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Webseite Webseite
Version Season 16
Typ X100
United States
Letztes Update10 Jun 2021
Beitrittsdatum27 May 2021


MuOnline Season 16 X100 https://speedmu.net/ Reset server Opening 11June! The server is based on true mu online experience, hunting crafting and levelling with the latest Season 16 Features!

  • Version Season 16
  • Gaming style: Hunt/Level
  • Exp Regular (Lvl 1-400) 100x
  • Exp Master (Lvl 401-800)75x
  • Exp Majestic (Lvl 801-1300)60x
  • Drop 35%
  • Reset: 400lvl in website, reward +20GP +100 RUUD
  • Reset: Stats Burns: Free stats 500, Costs: 1kk*Reset
  • Goblin Points: 1 Point for 10min online, Goblin Shop sells Exp buffs, Pets, Mini Wings/1lvl Wings
  • Offlevel (/offlevel) Dont have time to run pc? Leave character on offlevel and it will level in game 12Hours, offlvel max time 12hours!
  • Market system. Sell your game collected items in website to other players: Item Market

All items must be Created in Game, No Webshop, No Pentashop, No FO Items, Max 3Exc options, Max 3Sockets