League Mu S19 Part 3

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Webseite league-mu.com
Discord Discord
Version Season 19 Season 19 Part 1 3
Typ 1000x 9999x Fun Server Balanced Pvp
Ort France
Letztes Update23 Feb 2024
Beitrittsdatum30 Jul 2023


League Mu S19 Part 3

League Mu Online is Officially Opened. The server is based on mid-experience rate, hunting crafting and levelling with the latest Season 19 Part 1-3 features.

There are a lot of useful customs that make the game easier and more enjoyable. The real fun and free to play servers.

Version : Exclusive and Latest Season 19 Part 1-3!
Experience: Regular x9999, Master x9999, Majestic x9999
Reset in game (stay on spots): 400lvl stats stays, 1,000 Points per Reset. Max Stats 62k.
Receive WCoins and GP every Reset :

< 99 Reset = 10 WCoins, 1000 Ruud and 10 GP
100+ Reset = 20 WCoins, 2000 Ruud and 20 GP
200+ Reset = 30 WCoins, 3000 Ruud and 30 GP
300+ Reset = 40 WCoins, 4000 Ruud and 40 GP
400+ Reset = 50 WCoins, 5000 Ruud and 50 GP

Grand Reset: 500 Resets, 10,000 Wcoins + 250,000 Ruud, Resets burns, stats stays! In website!

Spots: 8 mobs all maps, press Tab to check spot! Hot spots with 10 mobs top maps.
PvP Servers with NoNPvP maps: Tarkan, Karutan, Deep Dungeon1, Blaze Kethotum.
Points per level: Regular, Master points per level: 2

Jewels Rate:
Soul rate : with + Luck 100%, without 75%
Life rate: 70%

Balanced PvP and PvP with up to 5m Dmg!
PvE: Balanced monsters, all Character Dmg are equal. Can solo PvE top maps. Maximum Dmg up to 3mil!
PvP: Balanced on max Level with decent gear! Max HP over 70mil+, Maximum Dmg up to 3mil!