5000 quest 80 bosses

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Version Season 6
Typ 1000x x500 x100
Letztes Update04 May 2021
Beitrittsdatum28 Jan 2020


Season 6 Episode FINAL / High - 1000x / Low - 100x / Dungeons System / Craft System / Bot System / Profession System / Achievements System in game / New valutes / Zen and jewel economy / Stable Online / Configured Events, Spots, Zen Drop / Join Now, Every week updates!

We present you a fantastic custom version of season 6
# Unique idea, own history of the continent of MU!
# One of a kind FullHD 3D camera.
# New sets, new types and subspecies of things, weapons and wings with the ability to increase options.
# Multi-level system of ANCIENT and EXCELLENT things.
# Craft of new fenrirs, pets.
# Unique CRAFT PROFESSIONS! (Nowhere in the world will you find this)
# New unique currencies: Goblin Points, Honor
# New cards!
# Completely redrawn maps of the capital of the continent.
#Event location!
#CRAFT location!
# Unique GAME MENU !!! (Reset, VIP accounts, class change, offekhp, offtrade)
# Unique System ANTI-CLASSES! (One of a kind)
# Each class is strong in its own way, there is no one dominant!
# A huge number of new EVENTs!
# An incredible amount of BOSS!
# A huge subworld - DUNGEONS!
# A unique system of mass raids in dungeons!
# The most advanced QUESTUM SYSTEM of its kind!
# A huge number of ways to earn game currencies!
# Full support SUPPORT 24 \ 7, we are ready to help you around the clock!

Hurry to us! This you will not see anywhere else!