Magnific S18 OPENING

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Version 23.09.2023 OPENING 23. September Season 18
Typ 40x 250x 900x 5000x Low Medium High Xtreme Premium AntiCheat
Ort France
Letztes Update17 Sep 2023
Beitrittsdatum28 Feb 2023


Magnific S18 OPENING

Opening 23. SEPTEMBER - Server S18 X250


⚔️ Magnific MU Season 18 ⚔️

- Starter GIFTS: Each new character will receive many gifts in their inventory for easier start!
- Activity FREEBIES: Free WCoins and GP - Use the Gift Codes!
- Starter EVENT: Free 500 WCoins - Like & Share!

# Server protected against cheaters with a premium Anti-Hack. #

# Basic Server information #
Version: Season 18 Part 1-3
Max Account connections per 1 PC: 3
Maximum Stat Points: 32767
Monsters & Bosses power adjusted
Spots & Hotspots in all maps
Anti-Lag feature button F9

# Subserver Information #
Non PvP subserver with 2x less Exp: Yes
Limited maxiumum number of players: Yes
Active Bosses and Invasions: No