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状态 Online
最近Ping28 minutes 11 seconds ago
版本 Latest 1.18.x
类型 Whitelist Vanilla Survival Adult Paper Grief Prevention
United States
最近更新10 Jan 2022
加入日期22 Jul 2021


Anville: 1.18.1 Vanilla Survival Server with quality of life additions

Who are we? Anville is a close knit community that adheres to the spirit of minecraft: it is a place where talented independent players have gathered to build and share their experiences with one another. In this community you can explore, create, adventure, have fun and make friends without worrying about things like griefing, theft, or needing to pay in order to experience a "decent" gameplay.

We have a welcoming and laid back community and look for like-minded players when accepting applications. Please note that Anville is an adult server and you must be 18+ to apply.

• Well maintained server with TPS displayed

• Updated regularly for the best minecraft performance

• Active and collaborative player base

• Mostly vanilla gameplay with small quality of life additions such as craftable spore blossoms and invisible item frames

New Map: January 8th, 2022

If you’re interested in joining us, please join our discord and complete an application:

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