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版本 1.16.5
类型 Action Naruto Anime Roleplay Need Staff pvp 247 Abilities Adventure Awesome
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最近更新13 Dec 2021
加入日期04 Jun 2021


Naruto Minecraft Server
Naruto RPA!
The most unique Naruto server in Minecraft by far, we have several addicting features on the server that will keep you entertained and feeling the Ninja Experience, such as;

Character Creation
Choose the Clan you will be born from, such as Uzumaki, Uchiha, Senju, and so many more!

Choose what you specialize in! Genjutsu, Medical Ninjutsu, Ninja Tools, Taijutsu and More!

Choose your base Nature Release! Fire, Water, Lightning, Wind, Earth!

Amazing Combat System
Our Combat System is very entertaining and something you won't get bored of. ALL Jutsu on the server is satisfying and fighting others on the serveri s something you will not get bored of!

Progression System
Level up at your own pace by obtaining Experience from various things! Such as killing players, kill streaks, killing animals, killing bosses, looting chests and so much more! Leveling up will let you obtain Upgrade Points to increase health, speed, chakra levels, and even obtain Jutsu depending on your Clan/Element/Specialization!
Exams is a combat tournament in which you face off against other players that are the same rank, the winner will be promoted! 

Roleplay Ranks
Become a Sensei to inspire others, Become an ANBU to keep your Village safe, go Rogue from your Village and join the Akatsuki, there is a million options to choose from that will mold you into the Story Line! All these ranks have requirements that you must work for.

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