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Hardcore World of Warcraft Server List


3.3.5 Blizzlike Arenas Hardcore pvp pve BG Rating

3.3.5a Custom Battlegrounds Arenas Crossfaction Custom Content Custom Events Custom Quests Custom World Boss Friendly Staff Hardcore

3.3.5a WOTLK Blizzlike Progressive Arenas PVP Hardcore No Bugs

28 3.3.5a Blizzlike Crossfaction Custom Content Hardcore PVP Scripted Instances No Hacks

1.12.1 Classic Friendly Staff Hardcore

2.4.3 The Burning Crusade Blizzlike Progressive Hardcore No Custom Raids PvE Only Voting Rewards Donate Reward Battlegrounds Refer A Friend x3 xp rate

3.3.5a Fun Realm Instant Level Battlegrounds Bounty Hunter Custom Commands Crossfaction Custom Items Custom World Boss Hardcore Max Level 255

3.3.5a Battlegrounds Arenas Crossfaction Custom Quests Instant 80 Transmogrifier Professional Staff Hardcore No Lag Scripted

3.3.5a Blizzlike Hardcore

1.12 1.12.1 Blizzlike Donate Reward Battlegrounds BG Rating Friendly Staff Hardcore Low Rates Scripted Scripted Instances PVP

1.12.1 Blizzlike Battlegrounds Classic Dungeons Hardcore Low Rates No Cheats No Lag PVP Raids

3.3.5a 4.3.4 Battlegrounds Fun Realm No Hacks Max Level 80 Hardcore 335 GM Server sever iran 335 PvE Only Friendly Staff

3.3.5a Custom Commands Custom Custom Events Custom Items Donate Reward Custom World Boss Dungeons Events Custom Quests Hardcore

Progression Events Hardcore

1.12.1 Vanilla Classic Blizzlike Arenas Battlegrounds Crossfaction Hardcore High Rates No Bugs No Lag No Donor Progression

3.3.5a Arenas Hardcore No Cheats Blizzlike Battlegrounds Events Professional Staff Scripted Scripted Instances

3.3.5a Custom Content No Bugs Transmogrifier Low Rates Hardcore All Professions No Lag

3.3.5a Instant 80 Hardcore Crazy