Lvl 60 Development

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Version 1.12.1
Type Classic Blizzlike Custom Content Hardcore Custom Raids Scripted Instances Friendly Staff Progression Battlegrounds Mangos
Location United States
Last Update23 Mar 2021
Join Date28 Dec 2020


Lvl 60 Development

Casual development began on JAN 1 2021. (The following text is still a Work in Progress)

 Welcome to Dreadnaught (PvP) Patch 1.12.1 - Vmangos - Small optional patch that fixes spells & adds tele's
Dreadnaught's Classic WoW+ 1.12.1 development phase is available to the public, create an account and login today to start contributing to the sever!
Instant 60 and multiple unique high experience-gaining routes are presented to you while staying at 1x rates globally, internally, and mathematically. Reduced experience required per level by 10-75%, scaling low to high respectively, with a max requirement of only 100k from 59-60. Normal item and gold drop rates for all of Blizzard's content and the new tier of added content. Overall rates and the time-to-level cap is uniquely modified by adding individual items to single creature loot tables or sometimes increasing individual reward rates for a specific creature. Always dreadnaught will be sticking to Blizzard's statistic values for any new gear created.

The goal overall is to present you with a sped-up version of Blizzard's content so that it may be experienced quickly while you work into the new tier of content a.s.a.p. Raids, dungeons, and world bosses will vary in their requirements with the most challenging creatures still requiring a large group of raid members. Newly added content routes to equally obtainable item rewards can be accessed with groups of 5, 10, 20 or even solo-play. Allowing solo-play in some circumstances to reach the same level as the greatest rewards from 100-man PvP world bosses. Only after a great amount of time, dedication, grinding, and skillfully soloed bosses will you gain the same rewards as a raid group. After the initial release of Dreadnaught, several less sought-after, entry-level dungeons/zones will undergo major overhauls to max level as normal leveling time and world content is reduced, reused, and recycled over-time.

Mounts are available at level one during the development stages and the plans for our live version will include mounts at level 10, for those who wish to enjoy the leveling experiences Dreadnaught offers. The intended idea is to create and expand into casual amounts of "hardcore" Classic+ raid/world content which is scripted to a "higher" standard of blizz-like difficulty and experiences. Project Dreadnaught will work to create a hardcore atmosphere while still managing not to require a large amount of time from players and supporting a smaller population known to private realms. Keeping it real with you at all times, and planning for the worst and best possible outcomes. I plan to always keep your character focused on item progression improvements. You will defeat known and new unknown challenging bosses and strategies that will remind you every time how much you are earning that slot's upgrade once obtained.

The goal of Dreadnaught is to stay centered on the influencing and challenging aspects of the play-style of your personal class/race combination and how your abilities to focus/manage/improve that hero's personal strength and skill are gained, changed and practiced. Dreadnaught's players will never be world buff stacking to obtain easy 20 second kills. Factually speaking, that level of speed killing will always be impossible on Dreadnaught's 40man content, with average health pools staying in the multiples of millions, not hundreds of thousands. 

Plan to spend lots of time in raids, raiding. Not countless hours farming consumables and getting PvP’d with world buffs.

Dreadnaught will offer Classic in its latest released state with all patch 1.12 content available and the unique rewards from prior patches being re-implemented in exciting new ways, like the AQ gate mount dropping from a 100 man raid boss. Increased HP/Damage to NPCs is individually coded(WIP). Dreadnaught's additions will add an entire tier of new and highly anticipated bosses, gear rewards, role-play, and funny comments. Similar to the idea of how Sunwell Plateau was released in tbc, the new quest hubs and unexplored world zones will contribute to the additional epic level 5-man dungeons and 40-man raids.

Support the project by joining discord today then communicating with other people tomorrow and the next day. It's as simple as that. Dreadnaught plans to continue to be a work in progress for some time, sticking to the "development" state until it's completed in roughly one year from the start date. All created content will be available for download publicly as a "repack" and hopefully eventually as SQL query statements. However, that requires additional work that is highly unattractive in my natural mental state. So the documents may never be completed.
MC BWL AQ & NAXX will be fully functional on release with the server is running on the Light's Hope/Nostalrius continued core, VMangos(early version). Core updates tend to cause trouble with custom content additions so for now, I am using just anything I could get working. The data seems to be sabotaged which is very disheartening but I'm still having fun so whatever. Dreadnaught will be moving directly into Classic+ progressive content on the initial release. There will be stepping stones to speed up original content rewards. Where you would normally earn gear over months or years, here it will only take a few short weeks with the content designed at a higher reward rate standard. 

You will be able to earn tiers 1, 2 & 3 through multiple routes. Including your professions and new unique solo gameplay. The original tier sets in their entirety will be a required collection in order to be rewarded with the new legendary set. Even after receiving the token drops from new raid bosses, you will have to complete a questline that requires all tier sets to be turned in, then reforged. You will then receive your reward of a Legendary set piece that is strong enough to be considered multiple tier gear items combined, but not actually following those guidelines or stats.

The character database will receive a 100% wipe before we launch into live. With all character gear, levels and gold reset. You will only keep your personal Discord reputation/ranks, which will be altered to track your contributions and kept intact/updated by the Admin personally. The characters you created during beta will remain intact(hopefully) on some type of test-realm after live has launched. I'm hopeful those characters will live on to tell the story of how they were the first ones to acquire the ancient & legendary gear sets on Dreadnaught, Only to later have them float away with the spirits of Azeroth through mid-air.

Hot-fixes, changes, and additions are happening most days I feel up to it and you can watch development progress live. Even join in with your contributions/comments! Whether they are large or small!
Project Dreadnaught offers you a place to chill out and relax that gets away from retail stresses. Instant level 60 or even transferring your character's gear from retail is available. Completed by utilizing non-lazy manual entry methods directly from the admin during his free time, free of charge. Just message the administrator with a screenshot of your characters gear to get started.

One-time-only collector items like Diablo Stone, Panda Collar, and Zergling Leash are available to be earned by testers for a limited time while content is being created over the next few months. There are also more exclusive rewards for getting more involved directly that will surely pass onto your live character.
You will be able to test all of the new legendary additions as they are created with live support from the Administrator.

All elites are currently global nerfed to .05% to allow for solo clears/testing.

Development & beta testing phases are expected to last 6-12 months from the launch on Jan 1 2021.

Project Dreadnaught is seeking aspiring developers and story writers for added quests and content. Speak with the administrator on Discord to get more involved.
Realm Highlights 
  • An engaged beta-development process hosted live. Fully developed content before you start playing.
  • Mount-up at level one. Don't waste time moving slowly during beta! See it all! Test it all!
  • Instant 60 route available, avoid all leveling experiences or possible terrors
  • Transfer all of your character's gear from retail. Message the admin on disc for more info.
  • Max 4 primary professions, skillful and updated gear crafting for PvE, advanced engineering for PvP, while still being able to gather materials with your primary gathering profession.
  • Tons of new quests, items, and creatures.
  • A quicker, more challenging design option to the Classic WoW experience. Great for any veteran or newbie player to experience. 
  • Azshara Crater open-world battleground zone with farmable honor and gold rewards. Best current grind.
  • Gear for gold vendors for all tier sets.
  • Decreased required experience per level, 10-75% respectively.
  • Mount Hyjal, Karazhan Crypts, Stormwind Vaults, +more to come, additional raid content.
  • Low amount of staff that communicate often and do not pride themselves on ignoring masses of players.
  • Plenty of development space for your contributions and ideas to be added quickly and seen by all!
  • Active "development" area presented to you in Mount Hyjal with the daily project.
  • Most changes tracked in our changelog for you to view!
More information and details about Project Dreadnaught will be provided in the future!