Silkroad Online Play 2 Win servers

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Play 2 Win Silkroad Server List


Dark World Online

Cap 140 Free Silk Auto Events D15 Daily Events Mid Rate New System Reborn system Ranks Play 2 Win

Red Diamond SRO

Cap 110 D11 Freetoplay Free Silk Low Rate Long Term Play 2 Win Vote System PvE

Zerkroad Online

Balanced Alchemy D11 Free Silk Low Rate Long Term PvE Play 2 Win Cap 110

Infinity God Road

Cap 110 Rebirth D11 New System New Uniques Godsend New Skills Play 2 Win Free Silk Coins System

Citrine Online

Cap 110 PvE Free Silk Play 2 Win Balanced Long Term High Rate


Long Term Auto Events Cap 140 D15 Battle Arena FGW Free Silk Job Temple PvE Play 2 Win

GlobalSRO OnlyCh 100

Long Term Cheap Silk Free Silk Play 2 Win Daily Events Balanced Cap 100 Coins System

Egypt Sro

Cap 120 Free Silk FGW English Play 2 Win Old School Battle Arena Job Temple Low Rate D13

Memories Cap 80

Cap 80 Old School Play 2 Win Low Rate Battle Arena Free Silk Long Term Only Chin

Opal online

Cap 80 Alchemy Cheap Silk Free Silk PvE PvP Play 2 Win International Old School Coins System

ERA ONLINE l 110 D11

Cap 110 D11 Long Term Auto Events PvE Trading Battle Arena Play 2 Win Vote System Customs

Asura Online

Freetoplay International Long Term Play 2 Win Cheap Silk Cap 110 D11


Cap 140 Play 2 Win Battle Arena FGW D14 Instant Level Job Based Mid Rate Daily Events
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