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Saybrook's Planet is a tShock server based around fighting monsters to level up while maintaining the core features of Terraria in order to keep the experience of the game as fun and authentic as possible! Additional worlds may also be available depending on the time of the year! We have just, as of late Amalgamated both EXPERT and NORMAL worlds into ONE server! Server-Sided Characters
Server-Sided Characters is a feature of tShock that makes everyone start from scratch on our server – no random players bringing in Moon Lord items they spawned in and ruining the fun for everyone immediately! This makes your achievements on our server all the more amazing, with the endgame ever more so an accomplishment. Server Economy – Leveling System
With the plugin SEconomy, Saybrook’s Planet has its own fully AUTOMATIC leveling system! Levels are required to equip items, with each item needing a different level. Certain levels also provide access to permanent buffs. Our custom plugins allow ease of level checking and item level checking - /exp and /itemcheck are all you will ever need! Experience may also be consumed to increase maximum HP beyond 500 with /hpboost! Freebuild
Additionally, holding true to the creative element of Terraria, Saybrook’s Planet is also a freebuild server where you can build just about anything you want anywhere! In order to get your home or construction protected against griefing, simply contact any of our friendly staff online at the time. All Biomes Available
That’s right, every world has both Crimson AND Corrupt biomes, as well as Jungles/Dungeons on both sides of the world where applicable. Never worry about not being able to get the items you want from biome-specific monsters! Custom Drop Tables
Worried about chest-exclusive items being unavailable due to other players quickly raiding caves within days of the creation of the world? Fret not, we have custom drop tables for almost ALL those items! To find out about these, simply ask around or check out our public database! Custom Server Currency
Saybrook’s Planet also has a custom server currency which allows for efficient trading between players. An in-game currency shop is also available where you can use commands to buy items directly from the server! Permanent buffs are also purchasable if you accumulate enough of the currency. AND THERE’S STILL MORE FOR YOU TO EXPLORE YOURSELF! Join our community today at! Click here to join the server!