Dragons Shield


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Версия 1.14.4
Тип MMO Creative Skypvp Kit PvP TNTRun Survival Need Developer Skyblock Safe Survival Need Staff
United Kingdom
Последнее обновление30 Dec 2019
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Ah hello there stranger and welcome to Dragons Shield this is a hybrid server with custom plugins and multiple well setup gamemodes such as Creative Survival with quests Mcmmo and balanced economy there s also a custom tntrun a really good KitPvp plus creative with massive and large plots
Change Logs
19 Dec 2019

First Chapter:Skyblock Added (Description)- Island Upgrades- Missions- Boosters- Island warps, Spawners and Co-op included!- Donator ranks have access to kits and Native and above has the ability of /is fly, flight in Skyblock!Second Chapter:CHRISTMAS UPDATE- GLACIAL AND GLACIAL + RANKS ARE OUT NOW! FOR A SHORT TIME ONLY TILL DECEMBER 31ST!MONEY HAS RESET IN SURVIVAL!In skyblock NATIVE has /is fly for flight there's no /shop in SkyBlock there's /sell hand ./sell all for donors and plus there's normal /warp ShopIsland You can also make player shop and set island warps!

Join the server and use the command /apply !

Join the server and use the command /apply !

Join the server and use the command /apply !

Join the server and /apply