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Статус Online
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Версия Latest
Тип Survival Semi Vanilla Adventure Java Bedrock SMP Vanilla pvp BungeeCord Hub Network
United Kingdom
Последнее обновление18 Sep 2022
Дата регистрации20 Mar 2022


🍪- - - OreoMc ● SMP  - - - 🍪

OreoMC is a Minecraft server designed from the ground up with custom content in mind. We have worked countless hours to create something truly unique from your classic Minecraft experience. If you are tired of the same old Minecraft server we invite you to check out our server to experience something that you cannot find anywhere else! We offer two different experiences with a Vanilla SMP & a Survival SMP  

🌎Network Wide:
➠ Java & Bedrock Support
➠ version 1.18+ 
➠ No Resets (Unless the community decides)

⚔️Vanilla SMP:

➠ No Claims, Killing & Griefing Allowed
➠ Bounties
➠ Auction House and Economy with Shop 
➠ PvP Pit 
➠ TPA and Homes ➠ Clans 

🍎Survival SMP:

➠ No Grief survival 
➠ PvP Toggle (/pvp on/off)
➠ Clans 
➠ Death Chests 
➠ Economy  Auction & Shop 
➠ Jobs 
➠ Vehicles (Cars,Planes,Tanks)
➠TPA  & Homes
➠Player Warps

📌Server ip:
📊Bedrock port: 19132


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