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Тип Adventure Mmorpg Rpg Dungeons war
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Built on a Dungeons and Dragons setting, Sereves is built on a large map (as shown below) with 6 continents to explore, each with their own lore, rules, communities, and playstyle. One focused on building, one on anarchy, one on faction warfare, one on citystate competition, one on trade, and one on exploration.
We aim to have many playable dungeons, libraries full of written books, a complex network of alliances, and beautiful builds permeating the server, so far we have 4 continents available with plans to release the others once their spawn areas are complete.
If you're interested in seeing what we have at the moment, take a look at our gallery below (including the map) 

Игроки онлайн - последние 24 часа

Just for fun (not a paid position).

-Some worldedit experience
-Either terraforming or structure building portfolio
-If no portfolio we can give a build test.
-works well with others

Lots of freedom will be provided to build whatever kind of project you'd like to work on, we have many to choose from. Creative freedom is priority and we won't try and confine you to working on what's already built.