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Статус Online
Последний Ping23 minutes 48 seconds ago
Версия 1.16.x
Тип Survival PvE Economy Player Shops Claim Friendly staff Vote Rewards Bosses PVP Custom Bosses
Последнее обновление06 Feb 2021
Дата регистрации02 Jun 2018


Come and join us at, the 1.16.4 survival server where you can have fun chasing Bees in the Nether while the Hoglins chase you !

Wanna play tag with the Piglins?

Should you want to play survival you can go out into the world via a random warp, or a selection of portals that take you up to 2mil blocks or just walk. 

Should you not want to go through all that tiresome mining and working for stuff then we have a well stocked server shop that sells almost every block and even buys them back too - so if you ever did contemplate mining, farming, mob farming etc. then the shop will buy all your unwanted stuff for our virtual in game currency which is very easy to get by killing mobs.

Our server is full of helpful players that want to help you build whatever project you want to make. We also have an active staff team that are very responsive, helpful and eager to chat to you in game or via our Discord server.

Are you looking for some safe survival yet appreciate a little PVP every now and again Well in Narnia so can choose when to fight with your friends in our multiple PVP arenas while your builds are all protected using the claiming system.

There are free 1000 claim blocks for new players so you can easily protect your claim.

Get a team together and go fight our multiple supercharged bosses in the arena to earn yourself some Op tools, armor etc.

Voting for Narnia also brings its rewards by way of ranks and vote crates where unbreakable kit is on offer.

Come and join us today! You will not be disappointed after a tour.



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Change Logs
07 Jul 2019

So we updated to Paper as it is less laggy than Spigot, also to 1.14.3 where all the new blocks have been implemented into our server shop, you can explore new 1.14 chunks via our warp system that allows you to get out upto 30 million blocks from spawn!

The battles in the Boss Arena are going to get harder with better drops, we will also implement a village raid battle where you can always fight the hords of raiders and become the hero of the village.

Come and join us, our team (just like the players) are helpful and often assist new players who are looking for that big build experience.


Just be aware that should you choose not to come play at then we will kill a Panda each day.

Go on, save a Panda!

01 Nov 2019

Santa is in his workshop, Christmas coming near
When an elf yells, "Santa! There is a letter marked "EMERGENCY" over here!"
Santa opens up the letter and starts to read intently
The letter comes from a young villager named Bently

He says he's from Narnia and reminds him of last year in our guild
when zombies destroyed our presents until Santa showed up and ordered them killed
But now they don't die under water and there is no place to hide
Surely they will come to our homes again and destroy our presents inside!

Santa makes a scowl because Bentley made him remember
that last year in Narnia was his dark December
He runs to a room with walls of weapons and takes his great sword
An elf screams "Santa! What are you doing? Good Lord!"

Santa looks at the elf and says, "This time, we make a preemptive strike....
...Christmas of the Dead 2 begins TONIGHT!

Use the grinders to get heads then swap them for presents from Santa.

18 Nov 2019

Our themed player shops area Booty Bay has now opened allowing members to open shops and make plenty of booty.

18 Nov 2019

Auto rank up has been omplemented for the voting ranks.

An information/FAQ has been added to the discord server.


02 Dec 2019

Christmas has come to Narnia.

Our spawn now has a christmassy theme along with Santa's sleigh and his Reindeer all ready to help with the Christmas of the Dead event that will conntiue until the end of December.