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Рейтинг3899 Random Server
Discord Discord
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IP-адрес сервера
Статус Online
Последний Ping2 minutes 53 seconds ago
Версия 1.16.4
Тип Survival Vanilla Survival Creative Bed Wars Towns Casual
Последнее обновление28 Nov 2020
Дата регистрации28 Nov 2020


Plugins installed on server: EssentialsX, HeadDrops, AuctionHouse, Playerwarps, QuickShop Gamemodes : Survival with minimal plugins , Creative , Bedwars We are a community of friendly members.We want our players to have fun with our enhanced survival experience! We have 3 seperate gamemodes! Creative, Bedwars, and the original SurvivalX server , the original server is mostly vanilla but mods/admins are mostly active and can roll back any changes and see who did it , so griefers will be punished , and the victims will be paid back. This way , Survival has Freedom and everything is left to the players! There is also casual town system in survival , if you gather 3 people you can take a location and call it your town and set shops there which other players can buy from !
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