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Version 1.20.1
Type Survival Creative Minigames Box Kitpvp events
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========== Amethyst Network ==========
our goal for the Amethyst network is to create a place for everyone of all ages to be able to play in a safe and PG environment We offer many game servers such as Mini-Games which we host every Saturday Creative Survival Gens KitPVP and a Hub where players can connect and show off their cosmetics and more We want to provide the best gaming experience possible with amazing professional staff who want to help the community Server IP: The Amethyst Network is a Minecraft server Network with gamemodes like SMP Gens Mini-Games KitPVP and More


[1.20.6 - 1.21]  


[ ] Survival
rtp, Claims, PVP Areana, Kits and more

Here you can play Survival and engage with others on the server You can get the Kit that is with your specified rank

How to buy ranks? You can buy ranks using the Gems you earn by voting or participating in our events or /buy

[] Creative

You can claim your land to protect others from griefing your Creative builds

Here you can Build go into gms and PVP if you want you have access to /gmc and /gms

[ ] KitPvp

Ever wanted to PVP and earn levels and level up you can Fight to earn levels

This server has many unique Kits to choose from

[] Minigame Events

We Host Mini-Games every week and the winner will recieve many prizes such as

Custom SMP Items

Custom Rank

Perks and cosmetics


Level ups

and more

And So Much More... Join Today!

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