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Discord Discord
Status Online
Last Ping28 minutes 37 seconds ago
Version 1.20.1 1.20.x 1.19x 1.18.x
Type Adventure Backpacks All Rpg RPG Ranks
Location Philippines
Last Update03 Dec 2023
Join Date18 Aug 2023


Welcome to BrokenThrone, the ultimate Minecraft server experience! We're thrilled to have you here!

IP Address:

Java: Bedrock: Port: 25565

Server Features:

• Cracked

• Player-driven economy with player shops and auctions

• Grief protection to ensure your builds are safe

• Land claiming system to protect your builds and prevent griefing

• RPG-style leveling and skills

• Custom Enchants

• Squaremap for real-time mapping of the server

• Discord integration for chat and voice communication with the community

• Mine Treasures to collect epic treasures by mining

• Crates

• Kits

• Backpack

• Vaults

• Voting Rewards

• Ranks and Levels

• Jobs • Graves

• Elite mobs and Mythic mobs

• Mob Levels • Coins

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