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Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.9.4
Type rpg Heroes Mythicmobs shops towny Mythicdrops mythicmobs dungeons
Location United States
Last Update28 Apr 2023
Join Date05 Apr 2023


Welcome to sharpnesscraft

We have one a custom map where survival mode is enabled and you can build. There is also a RPG world where you can't build but there are dungeons, bosses, respawning loot and quests there. PVP is off in RPG. RPG was once nothing but a flatlands map. It is all custom built by the staff. Grief, pvp, and raiding are all allowed in the build world. Towny is a way to protect your stuff by making a town.

We use heroes to earn exp and learn new skills. Currently we have four tier one classes and four tier two classes are coming soon.
There are mob arenas for fast leveling with wave after wave of mobs. In RPG mobs level up the further you go from spawn. They have more health and hit harder but you will earn more exp for killing them.

We have movecraft that allows you to make boats, submarines, and airships. They can shoot as well.
Some mobs will drop custom equipment because of the mythic drops plugin. RPG has a few npc shops to buy basic equipment and building blocks. You can trade with players in a 15 block radius by sneaking and right clicking them or with the command /trade.

RPG world is always a work in progress new quests and dungeons are always being worked on. We also have a live map so you can chat with people on the server on the go. It also helps you find your way through the worlds. The servers Dynmap is at BEDROCK CLIENT IP port 50126