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Status Unknown
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Version Any
Type Beta Bosses Combat Custom Bosses Custom Items Custom Map Custom Mobs Rpg Dungeons PvE
Location United States
Last Update09 Jan 2023
Join Date09 Jan 2023


Welcome to The Dominion



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  The Dominion (circa 2013) is a unique Minecraft RPG experience, featuring a hybrid server type of an SMP world for building and classic Minecraft fun, as well as a separate custom built RPG world; complete with a fantasy aesthetic, a highly explorable map, and several unique and increasingly challenging dungeons (with 100% unique loot, of course). While the server is still in its Alpha state, and players are encouraged to help us debug and work out general gameplay shortcomings, the server is fully playable and new content is constantly being worked on and released. Do you have what it takes to be a Dungeoneer?

1. Inappropriate messages including: Racism or any otherwise unnecessary discrimination, profanity, vulgar references, sexual references and/or innuendos are not allowed, and should be kept to an extreme minimum.
2. Bug abuse is not allowed. This includes the use of any obviously unintended feature. If you find a flaw on the server, please report it.
3. Macroing, use of autoclickers, and any sort of "passive-play" is not allowed.
4. Visiting locations under construction without direct staff permission is against the rules.
5. Scamming, in any sense, is against the rules.
6. New buildings must be a minimum of 5 blocks away from existing buildings and/or barriers. Buildings built during or after &cv6.2.0A &7not following this rule are subject to removal.
7. Griefing and stealing is not allowed. If you are griefed, contact an Admin or higher, and they will roll it back.
8. Killing a player in their own home is not allowed. This is defined by a structure owned by a player including the vault of the player who owns it. This protection extends to the extent to which land is obviously owned by the player, usually denoted with a physical barrier.
9. If a structure is not obviously owned by someone, i.e., having claim signs or other items that denote personal ownership, it is not subject to grief protection.

Thank you to everyone who joins and decides to test what we have so far.