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Version 1.19 1.19.1 1.19.2
Type Towny Roleplay Multiplayer Survival Movecraft MCMMO Quests Magic Economy Custom Plugins Custom Map
Last Update19 Oct 2022
Join Date19 Oct 2022



Alathra is a world building and roleplay community focused on creating an interesting history from the events and actions of players within the land of Alathra. We strive to form a friendly community built around a mutual love for Minecraft and storytelling. Alathra is the #2 top searched and played roleplay-world building server in the world!

Maybe you are looking to join one of the grand towns and nations across Alathra. Maybe you want to start your own in undeveloped land. Perhaps your goal is to master trade and become a wealthy merchant. What about starting your own player-run guild, or starting a religion for that matter? Maybe you just want to be a hermit and live alone on a mountain. All of this is possible on Alathra because here players tell the story.

Alathra is full of characters, nations, cultures, organizations. Many battles and wars have been fought. There are heroes, there are villains, and plenty that fall somewhere in between. Will you make your mark on the history of Alathra? Start your journey today!

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