Earth Forever

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Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.17.1
Type Earth Towny Lore Geopolitical Economy Adventure Roleplay
Location United States
Last Update30 Aug 2022
Join Date28 Aug 2022


Hello, and welcome to Earth Forever. This is a project server with a small but kind community, building on an expansive 1:450 earth map! Most the land is still untouched, and the server will stay up practically....forever. It is privately funded and prepaid for three years by me, RVnomar. You will never have to donate a cent and this server will not go down!

This community emphasizes on builds and geopolitics with a map that will keep and preserve those builds, all while exploring a unique custom map (with a 3-D Dynmap, where you can see your builds at a global scale!!) With the classic SMP feeling, you can build your nation *literally* from the ground up, as the currency in this server is gold ingots!

Where will your adventure begin? Will you align yourself with one of the current nations, like Germany, The United States, or the Hellenistic Empire? Or will you begin your own town, develop it into a nation, and claim your own customizable Lore item? Here in Earth Forever, the players write the lore and build the history of the world in a unique geopolitical sandbox setting, welcoming to all players! The server was originally created in mid-March of this year, but the server is still relatively new and you are not far from making your own nation! Towns are affordable, there is no upkeep (so you don't have to constantly grind gold to keep your town up), and the gold currency is useful as voting links provide gold as well! Some things you will find here:

+Expansive earth map with plenty of developing left to be done (by you ;) )

+Fun plugins like towny, lore, hat, quickshop, and more!

+Kind discord atmosphere (and discordSRV to chat to people playing in realtime!)

+A very dedicated server host and staff team. We may be busy in real life but we always set aside time to make sure everything in the server is working properly for you! Personally, I have done this server as my own fun project that will stay up forever, but I have always incorporated decisions from the current community through polls on discord with the main goal in mind to keep a simple server that will stay around forever.

Feel free to stop on in and have fun however you have it! If you're looking for some fun for you and a few close friends, this is the perfect place. We are based in NY and we encourage players from around the world to join. We have a friendly Turkish community among our player base running the Kingdom of Sicily, as well as some people from the Netherlands leading the Hellenistic Empire!

Come check it out and stop by! We are growing and we welcome all!