Premium Anarchy

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Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.12.2 1.8.0 1.16 1.18 1.18.1
Type Anarchy
Location United States
Last Update19 Aug 2022
Join Date17 Aug 2022


What is Premium Anarchy?

Premium Anarchy is a minecraft anarchy server. You can do whatever you want. However unlike most anarchy servers that don't have many plugins or changes to the standard survival minecraft experience, Premium Anarchy has many plugins which customize the survival experience. Plugins such as:

  • Custom Terrain Generation
  • Teleportation Plugins
  • Spam and Lag prevention plugins


Custom Terrain Generation

Premium Anarchy uses a custom terrain generator to alter the vanilla world. You don't need to install any additional mods or clients in order for the terrain generator to work since it is a plugin which replaces the default minecraft generation. It adds over 80 new biomes.

Teleportation Plugins

Premium Anarchy has teleportation plugins which allow players to get to destinations easily. Unlike other anarchy servers where you must walk everywhere, once you have reached a destination, you can set your destination as a /home. This means that once you make the initial walk to your base or wherever you are planning to go, you can quickly get back their using /home. You can quickly get to spawn by using the /spawn plugin, which will teleport you to spawn. The /tpa command will allow you to teliport to your friends if they allow you to.
For more details please visit the commands page.


Color Plugins

Premium Anarchy has color plugins which allow for items and chat to become more colorfull. There are chat prefixs which allow you to change the color of your chat messages, and their are color codes which allow you to change the colors of your in game items using an anvil.
For more details please visit the colors page.


Other Features


Head drops

When you kill a player, they will drop their head as a item that you can collect, you can do what you want with someones head.


Join Date

See how long a player has been on the server by using the join date command.

Looking for a lead advertiser for a new anarchy project for a server which includes custom generation making it unique when compared to its
Competition. To apply join the discord and message shotz for more information on this.