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Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.12.2 1.14.x 1.16.x 1.18.x 1.20.4
Type 1vs1 4Fun Action Community Epic SMASH Custom MiniGames Tournaments Arcade Competitive
Location Germany
Last Update19 Apr 2024
Join Date28 May 2022


Welcome to the new SMASH server!

You miss the old good SMASH like on Shotbow?
Or are you interested in this game mode?
Then try this server!


======= What is SMASH? =======

Originally SMASH comes from the Smash Bros games from Nintendo. And this principle was adopted in a 3D form in Minecraft many generations ago.

Players from all over the world meet here in the ultimate showdown. Each hit gives you % and the more you accumulate, the further you fly out of the map. Who will survive the longest? Who will be the best?

The game mode is both a fun mode, but also has a very competitive part.

======= About us and the server =======

A new SMASH plugin like on Shotbow in development (now in beta).

There are many maps, numerous items and regular updates and bugfixes.

Even the old shield system has been adopted!

But for true connoisseurs a dream comes true!

Our Smash Server is playable on versions from 1.12.2-1.20.4 (Java)! The server is still relatively young and the team relatively small. ^^
(Applications via Discord)

You have wishes, suggestions, bugs or problems?
Use ingame the command /fix and we will take care of your request :D
Or alternatively write to us on the Discord server.

Other commands:
/elo - Shows you your Elo. Still useless, but soon with the new ranked system
/party - Parties can be created of course!
/ping - This command should be self-explanatory :)
/stats - View your own statistics.
/quit - If you want to leave an existing match, as an alternative to the shield

For more info, update news etc. visit us on the Discord server!

======= Contact =======


Otherwise you can also contact us via PM. :)

The best thing is to have a look at the server and make your own picture!

Have fun on our server.