Miner Manic

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Server IP
Discord Discord
Status Unknown
Last PingMonitoring disabled
Version 1.18.1
Type Anarchy Creative Slimefun Economy Survival Skyblock Auction BungeeCord Custom Ranks Player Shops
Location United States
Last Update19 Feb 2022
Join Date03 May 2020


Welcome To Miner Manic, The Mini Game Network
and home of Zombie Manic Reborn


Servers that we have available on our Network:

Tower Defense - Zombie Manic - Hunger Games - Spleef - Parkour - Acid Island - Sky Grid - Sky Block - Cave Block - Survival

Server Version 1.18

Compatible with 1.8 through 1.18 with Via Versions, all servers run 1.18 and are updated and maintained daily.
we are also compatible with ViveCraft VR with the official server side plugin. And Bedrock Edition using default bedrock port.

Visit our website at https://minermanic.com
See our server tutorials at: https://minermanic.com/forum/view/17-tutorials/
Visit our Reddit Community: https://www.reddit.com/r/zombiemanic

Miner Manic is dedicated to providing an amazing mini game experience, this is a server you will want to bring your friends along for! With multiple gaming events every other week, streamer events with affiliated twitch streamers, and the official home of Zombie Manic reborn! Bring along a friend or two and jump in to any of our amazing games, or play solo on Tower Defense, Parkour or any of our survival islands.