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Status Online
Last Ping23 minutes 52 seconds ago
Version 1.16.4
Type Economy Grief Prevention Family Enviornment Mob Heads quickshop Elite Mobs Infernal Mobs Hermitcraft Feel Family Friendly Family Owned
United States
Last Update16 Jun 2021
Join Date23 Nov 2018


About our Universe
Our universe consists of 3 unique worlds. When you visit us you will be spawned in to Crete.

- Crete is a vanilla-ish world for those that want a simple and safe play environment. Our other two worlds are Delphi and Sparta.

- Delphi is where most of our players play/live as Delphi was once our stand alone AzCraft server for the past year. Delphi is also where the Elite Mobs live, Pyro-Fishing/MCMMO live and player stores are made.

- Sparta is our war world. We have 2 Battle arenas, 1 TnT-Run mini game and where Infernal Mobs live.

Can't decide which world you would play in? Just pick one and play in them all as crossing between worlds is seamless. Inventory, XP, /backpack (content is never lost) and currency is shared across worlds.

About us:

We are family friendly Survival server owned and moderated by a dad and fellow players. We are a young server and we welcome you to help build our world. Build up our town or build out in your own quiet space.

After being up to a year and a half, the player base voted to reset the map to new. Come be the first of a dozen to pick a plot and build our world.

Visit our new Player Community Portal at

c/ya online!

:: CreeperBaitAZ

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