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Website celestialmc.zapto.org
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Status Online
Last Ping15 minutes 8 seconds ago
Version 1.17.x 1.18.x 1.19.x
Type PVE and PVP Action Movecraft Survival Creative Civilizations Space Fun Planets towny
Location United States
Last Update30 Jan 2023
Join Date15 Oct 2017


The Celestial Expanse is an extremely detailed SciFi Towny Nations Server.

There is an extensive tech tree involving everything from Refineries, Solar Panels and Turbines to functional Vehicles - Like Starships, Tanks and More!

Explore, Colonize and/or Conquer over 20 Planets! Build a Metropolis! Design an entire Starship Fleet! Grow an Industrial Complex larger than anyone else's!
Key Features Include:
- 100% Free to Play! We say NO to donations and NO to paid ranks!
(In reality this shouldn't even be a feature.)
- Custom power system with several forms of generation as well as uses
- Completely (user built) Custom (Movecraft) Ships, with only minimal % block requirements needed
- Several unique and vast planets with different landscapes, biomes and terrain features.
- Towny, allowing for more flexible town and nation creation
- Movecraft, the Vehicle system used as the backbone of the server
- A Ship-based Warping system used to get between Planets and their Orbits
- Entirely Unmodded/Vanilla Compatible, only a resource pack is required!
- The first Server to create 100% Autonomous, Combat Capable, NPC Ships using Movecraft
If this post piqued your interest; feel free to check us out!
IP: celestialmc.zapto.org
Versions: 1.17-1.19.2 (Chat Reporting >> Disabled)

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