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Qorcraft Subgame

Qorcraft is a never-before seen Minecraft sub-game modeled around the incredibly popular augmented reality game called Ingress. Check out Ingress on YouTube and also watch their iPhone trailer.

Add the custom game server learn.qorcraft.com to your Minecraft game, either Java or Windows, and join in.


You equip a Spyglass to reveal a hidden, mysterious realm. Your worldly possessions fade away and bright beacons appear all around you, flashing red, blue, and grey. You feel a new sensation. Qor is rushing into your body, an energy source that you will use to capture and upgrade Qorways, marked by the beacons around you. You're going to need friends, someone to watch your back, because your armor, weapons, food and all other tools are out of reach while exploring in the realm of Qor. Team up, use the live map, connect Qorways, and create power-up areas for your global team.

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