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Version 1.18.2 1.18 1.18.x
Type MCMMO SMP Economy PvE SilkSpawners Land Claim Jobs MyPet Giveaways
United States
Dernière mise à jour21 May 2022
Date d'inscription08 Jun 2020


What are we?

Exeos is a rather small community of players just looking to have fun, meet new people and be treated with respect. We are a LGBTQ+ friendly community who have firm rules against any and all hate speech, in short: This is a safe space for anyone. Our only goal is to have a good time and create the best Minecraft experience possible. To support our goal, we don’t allow any P2W functions and operate consistently with NO lag. With our economy system, anything is buyable and obtainable simply by playing the game. To keep true to this, ALL donations that do not directly fund the server are given away. We do monthly PayPal giveaways and charity donations due to the incredible kindness of our existing playerbase. Neither the owner or any staff takes a single cent from any of it! We do this for the love of the game.


Why join?


If you aren’t a fan of the typical “hype-beast” that tries to bleed your wallet dry, annoy you with their strange rules or unfriendliness, this is the place for you. If you can grind it, you can have it. We offer a variety of plugins to keep things fun. We support both Java and Bedrock Edition.

Our most notable plugins are: McMMO, SilkSpawners, GriefDefender (Land claims) and ShopGUIPlus. With these, you can protect whatever you decide to make and make the most efficient farms imaginable.

Consider giving it a look, you’ll be glad you did.


Java IP: play.ExeosCraft.com

Bedrock IP: play.ExeosCraft.com:19132

Discord: https://discord.gg/XgT58t26wX

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Change Logs
20 Oct 2021

Many plugin changes, menu changes, and overall improvements! Join the Discord and see #change-log to view everything!

30 Oct 2021

Redesigned /buy menu fully

Bug fixes

01 Nov 2021

Spawn cleanup

02 Nov 2021

Started and finished a Discord giveaway

03 Nov 2021

Changed to festive discord logo

04 Nov 2021

Fixed some bugs

05 Nov 2021


09 Nov 2021


10 Nov 2021


11 Nov 2021


13 Nov 2021


15 Nov 2021

Bug fixes 

19 Nov 2021

Added McMMO tokens

20 Nov 2021


21 Nov 2021

Shop changes 

22 Nov 2021


30 Nov 2021


07 Dec 2021


11 Dec 2021

Added Advent Calendar

13 Dec 2021


16 Dec 2021

Added invisible item frames

23 Dec 2021


06 Jan 2022


31 Mar 2022

Many changes and additions