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CityCraft SMP
  • Build roads using the all new Transportation Node!

  • Start a Lumber Mill and get paid for logging!

  • Build housing and make passive income!

Java, Windows, and Mobile.

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CityCraft SMP Features:

  • Pave Your Path to Profit: Establish a singular route or weave a vast network of roads. Attract players with shops and sights, and earn silver for every traveler on your thoroughfare! Lay 3 stone blocks side-by-side to unlock the Transportation Node.

  • Anti-Cheat, Anti-Grief: Enjoy gameplay in a realm of fairness and respect. Our cutting-edge anti-cheat system and diligent moderation team promise a rewarding and positive experience.

  • Land Claims and Build Protection: Ensure your architectural marvels remain pristine. With our land claim mechanics, you're assured your creations stay intact.

  • Player Shops: Establish your marketplace, negotiate with fellow players, and amass wealth. Trade essential resources, unique items, and more, carving a name as the server's top merchant.

  • Economy: Dive into a thriving economy where players can earn, trade, and splurge on prized assets. Flex your entrepreneurial muscles and see your fortunes soar.

  • Leaderboard Legends: Stand out and become a legend! Earn CityShares and rise to the top of the leaderboard to earn bragging rights as one of CityCraft's finest.


CityCraft SMP is home to a vibrant and friendly community of players who share your passion for Minecraft. Forge lasting friendships, collaborate on ambitious projects, and join in on exciting events and tournaments.

Join CityCraft SMP today ( and take your city building to the next level.


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Change Logs
24 Jan 2024

Bedrock is now 1.20.50 (latest version)

09 Feb 2024

It's here!
CityCraft Generation 0.4 is released to Dawnbridge!

Nine new nodes to expand the diversity of builds in the economy.

  • Supply iron ore to the Smeltry (by holding it in your hand and tapping the node). It will process and sell to the Foundry, which will then go to the Industrial Node.
  • Supply fish to the Fishery and honey blocks to the Apiary, which will sell to the Market.
  • Supply wheat to the Granary and carrots and potatoes to the Packhouse, which will sell to the Eatery.


  • 12 silver per honey block
  • 5 silver per iron ore
  • 4 silver per fish
  • 1 silver per wheat
  • 1 silver per carrot
  • 1 silver per potato

How to UNLOCK Each:

  • Smeltery: Mine iron
  • Fishery: Catch a fish
  • Apiary: Create a honey block
  • Granary: Harvest wheat
  • Packhouse: Harvest carrots or potatoes
  • Market: Trade with a villager
  • Eatery: Brew rabbit stew and also bake a cake
  • Foundry: Smelt 100 iron in a blast furnace
  • Industrial: Mine 1 of every type of ore in the overworld
13 Feb 2024

Latest version of Bedrock/Windows now works (1.20.60)

23 Feb 2024


Exciting news, fellow CityCrafters! The CityCraft Quickstart Guide on Youtube has officially become the hub for all things CityCraft. This centralized page will house essential information on core concepts, tutorials, guides, and entertaining videos related to our beloved CityCraft universe. Make sure to visit and bookmark this page for convenient access to everything you need. Let the adventure begin!

24 Feb 2024

CityCraft Generation 0.5 Released in Dawnbridge!

We're thrilled to announce the release of CityCraft Generation 0.5 in Dawnbridge! This latest update brings five fantastic enhancements to enrich your CityCraft experience.

Curious to know more? Head over to our new Youtube CityCraft Updates Playlist, where each enhancement is detailed for your convenience. Don't miss out on the latest and greatest in CityCraft—check it out now!

27 Feb 2024

CityCraft Hotfix 0.5.1

  • We've fixed the bug where smeltery nodes were not accepting iron ingots. They should now work as intended. Thanks for your patience!
05 Mar 2024

CityCraft Hotfix 0.5.2

  • We've fixed the bug where clicking the economy report would do nothing. Thanks for your patience!