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Version 1.8.3
Typ Survival Buycraft Donations DonatorRanks Economy Fun Griefprevention MCMMO Multi World Nice Staff
United States
Letztes Update19 Nov 2016
Beitrittsdatum12 Mar 2013

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Server established in April of 2012 has just been through a major overhaul. We have a brand new map created on 10/7/14, but we still have our old map that's been around since the server was created. Economy was reset, inventories were reset. Everyone is basically equal at this point and we are looking for new players to help us re-build our community. No grief, user registration required to obtain build access, chestshop, economy, survival, friendly survival community, a few additional fun plugins. The server is privately owned and hosted by 1 person which means no expensive hosting bills. Yet, we run top of the line hardware with dual cpus 4 hard drives, battery backup system, and 72gb of ram!