Cloudy Universe

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Status Online
Letzter Ping24 seconds ago
Version 1.7.10
Typ Faction Wars factions Adult Arena Pvp
Ort United States
Letztes Update08 Feb 2023
Beitrittsdatum08 Feb 2023


Cloudy Universe

1.7.10 - Factions - Raiding - Fisk Heroes


Cloudy Universe is a faction based server, focused on starting your very own Hero Network!

Join your friends to fight villain's and raid other Networks.


Casino, Crates, Mini-games, Server-exclusive Heropack

Quality of Life mods


Faction based Playstyle

-Better Together

Team up with allies to defend your hero base from enemy invasions or group your team and do a little invading yourselves! This server features all out war! Raiding is not only allowed but encouraged.

-Take a Buddy

Keep Inventory is OFF in The PvP Pit and the Survival world!! Be careful exploring or you might run into trouble- We recommend teaming up ASAP and fighting with a buddy :)


Cloudy Network Hero Pack

Cloudy Universe offers a server exclusive hero pack.

Pack Includes:


-Stan Lee

-Green Goblin



And many more! 


We are actively working on improving suit quality and will release/patch suits as we receive feedback!


Quality of Life Mods



Other Featured Mods

-Thermal Foundation

-Applied Energistics 2




-More! Come check them all out!


Additional Content and Features

These features are constantly updating and changing based on community feedback and popularity. 

/warp Casino

  • Take the bet! Will you be swimming in tutridium or gamble it all away?

    • This Casino features gambling using IN-GAME tutridium.

  • No real money allowed! 

    • Per Microsoft and Minecraftss EULA we do not allow gambling with IRL money.  


  • Buy building materials, farming, food, precious ores, and more!

  • Buy exclusive items in “The Admin Shop”

  • Sell items to save up money for a rainy day OR become the leader of /baltop!


Remember to grab our modpack on Curseforge!


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