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Discord Discord
Server IP
Status Online
Letzter Ping30 minutes 9 seconds ago
Version 1.7.x
Typ Multiplayer Survival Economy
Letztes Update17 Jul 2021
Beitrittsdatum08 May 2021


About This Server:

RespawnMC is a minecraft smp server with java and bedrock crossplay!

On this server we have claims so no one can raid and steal from you!

We also have arena pvp so you can battle your friends!

We have a shop for you to buy

items like gear and blocks. The community is very friendly so

they will be happy to help you! We do events and giveaways once 

and a while so make sure to join!


(On Java Its Just The IP)


Port: 25610


💬 Discord Server:

Make sure to join the discord server too!

There you can get community updates, event announcements and more!

Online Spieler – Vergangene 24 Stunden