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Version 1.14.4
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United States
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Welcome to Vicecraft, an aquatic-themed Minecraft economy server offering a fun and relaxing playing experience. Our goal is to offer and build a community of like-minded players to make friends, make something awesome and have fun!

The main economy is driven by players, as well as a server shop. We want to encourage player trading, residences/towns , & shops. There are portals in spawn to easily take your adventure to the Nether & End. We also have a fourth world, the Resource world, that will be reset as needed to ensure there are always fresh mining materials available.

Some of the cool features we currently have are:

Spawn Shops & Player Markets
In-game & Donor Ranks
Town Claims & Item Protection
Player Vaults
Custom Treasure (Crates)
Jobs & mcMMO
Enhanced Fishing
Boat Racing