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Discord Discord
Version Episode 30
Type Balanced Mid Rate Pve Pvp
Location Germany
Last Update01 Feb 2024
Join Date01 Feb 2024


Server Information

Medium Rates
European Host
Anti - DDoS
Dedicated Server (EUROPE)
No Lags
MShield Protection
Drop Announcer
Balanced Drop Rate
Easy Start
Newest Dungeons
Starting Level 100
Beginner Equipement
Overlord Feature
Myth Feature
Merit Mastery Feature
Force Wing Feature
Title Feature (Sell or Buy them!)
Prelearned all skills
Skill Cooldown LEV 9
Unlimited DMG
Balanced Drop Rate
Item Unbinding
No Cheats
No Donation Items
Active Staff Members
Lots of Events in Game

Server Concept

Nex Gaming Team have huge pleasure to present you most unique EP8 server with own developed features and proffessional Staff Members!


We have developed Overlord system which is based on your Character progression.
Complete dungeons and earn exp to level up your Overlord Level!

Myth Leveling

Once you will be done with Overlord reaching 200 LVL you will receive on your character three types of Myth Levels.
- Offensive
- Defensive
- Resistance
Those three types are upgradable via tokens which you will obtain during dungeons or world activities.
Offensive and Defensive Myth Masteries have (for now) 250 Levels to obtain, Resistance is PVP based and will have only 100 Levels.

Wing System

System developed by ourselves. This system have limited Entry Item per day. Vote for our server to be able to upgrade your Wings and become stronger !

Title System

One and only system created right now for you to allow you obtain Titles or even sell them to your friends.
You are able to activate or upgrade Titles via tokens in game.
Fully farmable feature by PVE Missions which you are able to complete in Party.

Merit Masteries

Another custom system based on Mission War. Obtain Merit Exp points fighting with your enemies.
This feature is also possible to be upgraded via PVE activities so for people who don't really like WAR there is still an option!

Classic Craft Items

Here you will find classic items with one craft option and 3 slots at maximum. No more fancy crafts or weird items.

Epic Boosters

Upgrade your Equipment via using on any EQ Part Epic Boosters. Epic Boosters will increase HP/DEF/DEF RATE on your character.

Equipment Class Power Difference

Every type of equipment have different values of HP/DEF/DEF RATE to balance more Power & Survivability between three equipment types.

Balanced Drops

Now almost every item is obtainable via drop (except ones which you are going to exchange in NPC).
Drop rate is balanced to keep market alive and progression of the characters on right level.

Item Unbinding

You are now able to unbind your items by yourself! Just drop Minesta's Unbinding Stone from World Bosses and try your luck (Minesta's Unbind Stone will have 50/60% success rate) in unbinding!

Be ready for epic adventure !